The Uglyz : : Biography

Sarun and Sudip met in the year 1995 in Little Angel’s School, Lalitpur and they clicked from the start. Their similar savour for music inspired them to form a band. When they met Rakin, who fulfilled the task of a drummer, they became an unbeatable trio in several inter-college musical competitions of those days.

After pursuing their individual studies, Sarun in Australia, Sudip in Nepal and Rockin in India, the band came together in 2003, this time Sandesh joining Sarun and Sudip to record the single “Aaudai Jaadai”. They got inspired by friends and family to record a whole album which the Uglyz’ completed in 2004. From contacting people and record companies to managing everything, they struggled throughout their album-making process.

“Rush”, the first album by the Uglyz’ was released on January 31, 2005. When the video of Aaudai Jaadai came on screen, teenagers’ hearts popped out of their ribcages, hostel T.V. rooms were pack-jammed with girls waiting to see the handsome lads with beautiful voices and everybody adoring their quality as well as creativity. One could anticipate that these guys were surely on the right track, for they possessed the attributes of true rockstars.

The album did tremendously well in the market – with CDs and cassettes miraculously disappearing from the store-shelves. Radio, TV, newspaper, the internet – you name it, they were omnipresent! The line-up was further solidified with Poojan (drums), Deepesh (bass) and Sachin (keyboards) getting into the front line of the Uglyz’. With the release of their second video Maya, they just grew bigger.

From sold-out concerts in the major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Dharan to charity shows, they gave out the best in them anywhere and everywhere. Their benevolence towards people earned them countless admirers, aficionados or simply, fans.

The Uglyz’ set an example of how perseverance and devotion can bring success. During rough times and good, they have always stuck together to entertain the audience and be entertained, because for them music is not merely a profession, but an ever-burning passion. The decorations of the Hits FM Music Award for the Best New Artist and the Image Award for the Best Music Video Special Effects just prove their promising caliber.

The Uglyz’ are not only good musicians but good-hearted human beings as well. For the numerous times they have inspired people and enthralled them by the sonic and optical extraordinariness, I salute thee, the Uglyz’!!!